New ways to promote your content on the platform!

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We've got 2 new ways to promote your content, business, or project on the platform.

Want to get your project in front of more eyeballs, look no further!

Featured Post

By now most of you know what a featured post looks like. If not, a featured post appears on top of all content in a users "My feed" view.

We will place your post here for a period of 7 days, with a maximum of 2 posts being "featured" at one time. This will be done on a first come first served basis. Send your post link to @agr8buzz in the Discord server.

Cost: Burn 100 BATTLE by sending it to @null.

Let's Play

Have a look see at the right hand side of the platform and you'll see a new section called "Let's Play".

Posts linked here are visible to everyone at all times regardless of which content view they are looking at [Trending, New, Hot etc]. We also have the ability to add a custom tag to let people know if your content is a "contest" or "announcement" etc. Send your post link to @agr8buzz in the Discord server.

Cost: Burn 100 BATTLE by sending it to @null. Send 10 STEEM to @battlegames.

All posts are subject to approval by @battlegames administrators before being displayed.

Any question just ask!


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I think this is fantastic !!!

Thanks! Burning to promote helps everyone, and the "Lets Play" section is prime real estate which we think is worth a few steem for some extra visibility.

greetings, @battlegames

Excelent notice, thank ytou

Cool! Thanks for the info @battlegames I might try it out sometime! upped and resteemed for Ya!👍👹💁

~Smartsteem Curation Team

Hopefully this helps making 1 BATTLE more valuable. Though I think 100 BATTLE is too cheap for a 7 days period~

We'll see how it goes, we can raise it up down the road..

Well, at that price I might try promote my post as well.