The New Verified Creator Badge!

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Earlier this week we rolled out our first badge for platform users, the "Verified Creator" badge!

Congrats to those that have already received approval for their shiny new badge, looking mighty fresh!

The following creators have been approved for the Verified Creator badge: @rentmoney, @anouk.nox.spt, @wiriwiri, @dkid14, @kaelci, @mickvir, @thegoliath, @freddbrito, @philippekiene, @atnazo, @zaku-spt, @radaquest, @jodipamungkas, @sharmlock, @dirapa.

This badge is for select content creators that demonstrate a commitment to creating original quality content, the backbone of our platform!

This badge is open for anyone to apply for, however only those meeting the below criteria will be considered.

✨To apply for the Verified Creator badge please submit a link to your blog in the following Discord channel -->

Verified Creator Criteria:

  • Original & Quality blog content.
  • Variety of content.
  • History of posting consistently .
  • 50+ Rep [Some exceptions for alt accounts].
  • No history of Plagiarism.
  • Additional verification steps for Video Creators.
  • Be in general Good Standing within community.

✨ Verified Creators will be given curation priority on the platform plus receive the Creator Role in our Discord.

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greetings, @battlegames

I made my submission now :D

That's a great idea, that will encourage people to keep up their good work on battlegames :)

Yup, and helps readers and curators quickly spot what should be trusted top quality content!

Thanks for the badge . Congratulations to all those that have already received one .
Keep up the great work!

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Thanks for your contributions to making this community awesome!

Congrats @battlegames! This post has been voted with the Power of Rada Quest (Trading Card Game). Enjoy it and keep up the good work!
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Thanks Rada! always appreciated!

Thanks people, Battle ON!

Now the tribe looks so good with the new badge. I really like 😊😊

Awesome stuff .....

Congratulations to all the Badge receivers.

@battlegames, Keep up the good work team.

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👹👍❤ I would love to get the Varified Creator Badge @battlegames but when i go to the discord link it says "Invite has expired" im sure I meet all the required Criteria I always provide Quality, Original Content, and have followed Battlegames from the start, im actually a BATTLE WHALE With over 9539 BATTLE staked. Love battlegames, keep up the great work my friend!! *Upped 💯 and resteemed 👍👹

Hi @battlegames , Just wondering if your getting any of my comments please check out my last comment here , thank you!👍❤

I just tried to get the badge again from the discord link you provided and it still says "instant invite has expired" do you have a new discord link to get it!? thanks @battlegames