I just staked 10000 BATTLE!

in battle •  6 months ago 


Hey there!

Yes, you have read right! I have been finally able to manage to buy a larger sum of tokens to support the tokens (and their respective communites).

It took me quite a while, with having to change the buy order over 200 times before the buy order was finally fulfilled. My total stake is now up to 15k.

This was a plan of mine for quite some while now, and I gonna tell you why:

Every vote is meaningful for a content creator who shares original and good content on a regular basis. Due to my gaming past and still passion for games, I like these new environments, and simply want to be a part of that.
We're living in interesting times and experiencing it first hand got me motivated to play a more impactful role in the development of these communities. This is not a plan to take over the world, but rather give content creators I like a higher reward for their efforts.

I guess if we all follow similiar plans, this gaming community on the Steem platform can thrieve and flourish into something very beautiful and long-lasting.

What can you expect from me?

Once I'll finally be finished with the renovation of my new apartment (which should take a week or two max) I will be daily curating content and try to create more dialogues within these posts that I like.

I'm quite new to steem but have noticed that the engagement between people on here (in regards to comments and replies) is really scarce.

But well, you might have noticed it yourself by now. In the word community, communication should be key. And that should never be only one-sided. I have made several efforts to get more engagement by asking open questions in my posts, and still barely I'd get an answer but nearly a 100 upvotes.

I want to change that fact and so if you'll see any upvote by me, there is a high chance you will also have received a message. I'd like to get to know you and am looking forward to your responses ;)

Would also love to do the same for the Steemace Tribe next, as I find they both go super well together-

See you!

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Greetings, @criticalthinkin

Congratulations for this, man!!! I am staking my battle tokens too. Maybe, someday, i reach what you done!!!

thank you and have a nice day

#battle #spt #palnet #sct #steemace

Cool! Im up to 4500 Staked and continue Staking every day!!👍👍👍

Hey @karenmckersie
That's great. Sounds like you're also enjoying these new tribe communities, as they should be enjoyed ;)
All together, we'll help this community evolve for the future!

Yes for sure, I am all about the future and Stake All Tribe Tokens I have gotten from the start, I post about it all the time, Lol!😂 My plan is to save for 4 years when I turn 60 So I can fully retire! It will be cool to see who comes out on top!!🤣😂👍

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Thank you for this awesome display of support! It means a lot to our gaming community.

Some great points raised! Two way engagement is the key to growth here, aaand it's really always been what makes steem such a great place to hang out!

Thank you @battlegames for this kind message.
Means a lot to me!

And I really like hanging out here, especially since tribes like this popped up :)

I find steem to have less engagement most of the time, but through battlegames there is definitely much more, on the platform and in discord. Great to see another staking a huge amount to curate, well worth it as well.

Exactly, I feel with all these tribe communities and their respective topics,
it is way more efficient now to be able to share your content to an receptive audience and connect with people whose content you like to read.

Got to know so many interesting people now in this short period of time!

Thanks for your reply, I'll try my best helping by curating good content :)

What are your thoughts on the engagement within the steem platform?

Do you think there is any way to promote better communication between authors and audience?

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Engagement is very important to steemit but there is not much of it. It seems the best ways to promote communication is to ask questions/offer rewards or upvotes for engagement. This is why dpoll and steem-bounty are popular ways of getting engagement and being able to communicate with their audience. I believe that one reason that engagement might be limited is that creating a reply or comment costs the same amount of resource credits as a post does. This means that new people to steem will not communicate as much.

That are some really good points. I wasn't really aware about that, but it does seem counter-productive that commenting and posting costs the same resource credits.

I guess I'll try to concentrate more on engaging with my audience now. Thanks for giving me the tips with dpoll and steem-bounty. Let' see if I can incorporate them, too.

My personal feeling is that lowering resource cost for commenting, creating incentives for engagement could drastically change the steem environment, by solving this problem.

I'll continue doing stuff like this and will share a portion of my author rewards from now to spark some more engagement!

Thanks for your reply :)

@literalypotato you have a great point about the Resource costs of engaging. I get that it costs money to keep the lights on, but it just seems counter intuitive to supporting the growth of your platform when it because more challenging to communicate. I often [about once every couple weeks ] burn the @battlegames account to the ground by commenting so much! I wonder if it's worth subsidizing or if there's efficiency gains to be made somewhere that could reduce the costs of commenting...which may help improve engagement or at least lower one of the barriers.

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Wow, Congrats buddy.
I find battle community as generous upvoter of all the tribes. I think our mutual support will bring value to this platform and to us.
Together we will grow.

Yes that's true, battlegames seems to be a very supportive tribe so far.
I'm sure it will flourish with everyone's help!