TheGoliathhh, Guardian of Humanity Part #13 - Reimann Cave and the Bunker Redoubt teleporters Pt #2

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Continuing the Reimann Cave and Bunker Redoubt exploration

Fallout - New Vegas Screenshot 2019.12.30 - bb.PNG

With the sleep and rest finished in the bunker's quarters it was time to carry out the last couple of teleporters to finally understand more about the purpose of this place. Heading into the first of the two teleporters to be explored, there was some loot on the ground and a whole lot of radiation to which TheGoliathhh was unknowingly absorbing in and quickly, but when the radiation sickness started to set in he quickly put his radiation suit on and was receiving a lot less radiation, followed by using RadAway and Rad-X to help clear radiation a little and allow exploring this area.

Fallout - New Vegas Screenshot 2019.12.12 -
Fallout - New Vegas Screenshot 2019.12.12 -
Fallout - New Vegas Screenshot 2019.12.12 -

It was soon apparent what lurked in these radiation filled rooms. Ghouls were present and the normal ghouls weren't a bother, but it was the stronger ones which would require V.A.T.S, stronger weapons and healing to defeat.

One was the Glowing One, a highly irradiated ghoul with more strength to damage your health and cause radiation damage when not wearing proper protection. Another is the Feral Ghoul Reaver which would hit hard if it got close and it did indeed hit TheGoliathhh hard, on the head.

"Random blurred vision and a headache, I think some Stimpaks and a doctors bag is needed now. Cannot have this while in tough fights and needing to finish this area before too much more radiation gets to me" TheGoliathhh said to himself.

Fallout - New Vegas Screenshot 2019.12.12 -
Fallout - New Vegas Screenshot 2019.12.12 -
Fallout - New Vegas Screenshot 2019.12.12 - b.png

It's not everyday for a gun wielding ghoul to appear but for our hero and in such a highly irradiated area, a Ghoul Gun Nut was lurking around, coming out to do that high damage and try kill him. but TheGoliathhh has the might Courier's Shotgun and that does the major damage, sending this ghoul backwards while making him explode from the sheer force put out by the shotgun and securing his safety.

Fallout - New Vegas Screenshot 2019.12.12 -


The dreaded Deathclaws are hated by all except for those so strong that they match the strength of them, allowing quicker damage and disposal of the mighty fiends. Quick thinking was needed as they charged at him, one in the first area, then the next and there were almost deaths had by TheGoliathhh. V.A.T.S and a strong gun helped do damage to the head of one and just unleashing hell is what saved him from dying.

"Deathclaws are a nuisance to all and too strong to be left alive so I am happy to be killing some more off before I leave Reimann Bunker. I just hope it stays safe and can be used for more in the future."

Fallout - New Vegas Screenshot 2019.12.30 -
Fallout - New Vegas Screenshot 2019.12.30 -
Fallout - New Vegas Screenshot 2019.12.30 -
Fallout - New Vegas Screenshot 2019.12.30 -

It was about to become apparent as to why there were so many Deathclaws roaming around and terrorising TheGoliathhh's exploration attempts. A sigh warned of Deathclaws being ahead and it was an open area, no doubt with many to go through. Turns out to be where the mother is, she hurts too as discovered when multiple deaths were had, prompting a retreat to return at a later time after more leveling and looting saw our hero get much stronger, to help clear this last area.

Fallout - New Vegas Screenshot 2019.12.30 -
Fallout - New Vegas Screenshot 2019.12.30 - b.png
Fallout - New Vegas Screenshot 2019.12.30 - b.png

"Time for my exit and there is a room nearby with a door leading somewhere else, I believe it might be the way out and then I will look to heading to the Air Force Base and see what that spot has around for me to discover. Hopefully no Deathclaws since I am over them right now."

This was part 13 in a series accompanying TheGoliathhh, Guardian of Humanity as he continued exploring Reimann Cave and Bunker to unravel the mystery held inside and killing off Ghouls and Deathclaws.
Stay tuned for part 14 to see what comes next for our hero.

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Good luck on your adventure @thegoliath and careful with the Deathclaws, they look really scary!

He definitely found them quite scary while they charged at him!

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