Halo Reach Gameplay 03-28

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Making my way into the ONI offices, had to fight two hunters. Using my grenades I threw a frag at the hunter but bounced off of it. Then used a plasma grenade and it successfully stuck and blew up on the enemy. Though that did not kill it so I threw another frag behind it and hurt it pretty bad. After taking some shots on it I killed it and moved onto the other hunter.

Its funny to see these enemies in Halo, as they were also very similar enemies in Marathon. Also called Hunters and have an erie look to them similar to the old game from the 1990s. Both games were made by Bungie so makes sense they reused enemies throughout games. There is also easter eggs in Halo pointing to the Marathon series.

Taking the elevator up we reload and wait for the lift to get us to the next level. I take out an elite and move onto the ONI offices taking out grunts along the way.

Some marines join me taking back the offices. And we work our way through the building. I switch to alien weapons as I run out of ammo for my human weapons.

I come across a plasma grenade and stick it to a white elite. The colors of their outfits show their levels.. Again another thing Marathon did and seemed to be added into Halo later on.

Taking out an alien gunship using the missile launcher took some practice. Getting taken out the first time by a plasma grenade. Its just pretty crazy out there while im trying to get a bead on the corvette. After the big ship leaves the banshees move in and get the rocket too. Though elites kept showing up to try to stop me from using my rockets for anti-aircraft use. At least one elite got a rocket too.

Loved the cutscene at the end of the video, the orbital cannon finished off the corvette.

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Solominer Presents:Halo: The Master Chief Collection
GenreFirst Person Shooter
PlatformWindows 10
Rig specs:Main gaming setup
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MemoryCorsair DDR4 32GB overclocked to 3066 XMP 16-17-17-35 1T
Video Cards2x Gigabyte G1 1080 no overclock
Power SupplyCorsair 1000W


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