Universal Justice, Unjust Wars, & Balancing Injustice - When is Conflict Necessary? (warning: graphic content)

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I am not a pacifist, but that does not mean I am pro-war either. I desire peace as much as any other conscious human, and am against all UNJUST WARS - but if you think for one second... that if another person or group of people inflicts his or their will, that crosses lines in a manor that shouldn't be crossed on me or my people for their own benefit, without any concern for how it affects us or the rest of the world, without any consequences... has another thing coming. Sometimes it becomes my/our responsibility to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

There are certain boundaries, universal metaphoric lines in the sand that if crossed, is an act of creating conflict and dis-ease with others. These lines are known and obvious, but still too commonly crossed by too many individuals. Only when these types encounter a force that executes the consequences of the trespasses committed, will there eventually be peace (as much peace as can be attained in reality), and balance restored.

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"The 'peaceful' Pilgrims massacred the Pequots and destroyed their fort near Stonington, Connecticut, in 1637. A 19th-century wood engraving (above) depicts the slaughter" (1).

Say it happens only once.. maybe it's a isolated incident right? Tell me that after the same thing happens to you in different ways, with different people, three times in a row... are you seriously down to experience four, five, & six?

You can lay back and take the abuse, and keep taking it, while the reputation of inaction looms over you like a shadow, leaving you vulnerable to attack and making you an easy target, or... when the opportune moment presents itself, you can take justice in to your own hands, and make an example for all to see and know... what will happen to them if these lines are crossed.

This is why many native american tribes would torture those caught trespassing on their lands... but not within their village. The way they made examples of violators involved staking them in the ground, and sticking thorn needles under their fingernails while letting them bake in the sun until death. They would then leave the bodies in place where animals would feast on their flesh. This was done at the borders of the lands where their people resided, not only to mark where their territory was, but to warn what would happen to others if they pass without permission... mostly because the people trespassing were usually there to pillage their land, rape their women, and/or steal their wealth (3). The lines of their territories were obvious (most native American tribes did not believe in land ownership - just protecting their tribe's well being).

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Let's not also forget what happened when the natives tried to be diplomatic with the colonials.

The colonials thought the natives savage because of responses like this, and the manor in which they waged war... but the thing is, the natives were brutal, but they were only brutal when it was appropriate. They would do everything they could to make violators understand the error of their ways, even sit with them while they were bounded and being baked alive in the sun to help them transition. These souls were also cursed in their next realm of existence if they still did not receive the necessary lessons... the natives wanted to release the violator's karmic debt in this life, which is actually a blessing for the eternal soul. The colonials did not get it, there is nothing farther from savagery, it was just very foreign philosophies to them (as it still is with most people today - even conscious ones). Do you know where the word heretic came from? It actually just means "able to choose"... but that is not how we know the bastardized definition intended for tyrannical purposes.

Native men even sometimes waged war to punish outsiders who violated their value systems, which included raping their women (4). The Cherokee (along with many other native tribes) even held to something called Blood Law or Blood Revenge. This was a societal and sacred obligation to claim the life of the man-slayer, along with one of his clan's kin in exchange for the original victim. This restores balance and allows the victim to pass into the afterlife when they would otherwise wonder the Earth as a ghost until the assailant was killed. This Blood Law responsibility was passed down to the next of kin to carry out personally, usually by a sibling or close relative (5).

Law of Blood.jpg
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I am not saying that universal justice does not exist, I am also not saying that it does. Although I have experienced universal justice being implemented on me and for me throughout my life, it could simply be a construct and product of my own belief system, and have no actual bearing on those that do not share the same beliefs. Whether universal justice actually exists or not, it does not mean you do not have the right to retaliate with a response that suites the nature of the injustice inflicted on you or your people. The form in which that response takes is entirely up to you and your people, to deem what is most appropriate and effective for you and your tribe's (or family's) future protection.

I anticipate that this topic will spark some debate, bring it. I will defend my honor at all costs, because I know deep in my soul that this is the right way to exists in this reality. I have always been one to turn the other cheek, to let the universe do its work to those who deserve worse than what they inflicted, so believe me when I say that taking this path of action regarding intense circumstances of conflict and injustice, is FAR from easy for me. I want to sit back and let it work, but sometimes... the universe must work through you, and not for you. We do not live in a perfect world, embrace that reality and keep your swords and shield close, ready for anything... including rising up to defeat trespassers that are obviously in need of correction - to prevent future conflict and dis-ease.

So when is conflict necessary? Usually when conflict is first created, as a response to that original conflict. Others will think twice when told the tales. Balance, protection, & healing generates as a result. The style and manor in which justice is served is most vital to the success of repairing damage of the victim, as well as correcting the disrespectful ways of the trespasser. There is healing for all in retaliation when done correctly... but if you don't agree... please don't beat yourself up about it.

(look up the life of Crazy Horse sometime).


P.S. - I have never written an article like this before, but the life stream beamed me this purpose of publication. I have a responsibility to emit truth, which is often times hard to swallow for some folks. ALWAYS watch and take responsibility for your actions.


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Blessings everyone & stay tuned - into the right frequencies

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Huh, I really thought this would spark more conversation... Oh well.

I know what u mean. I'm trying over on the cannabis side. And sometimes I think stuff dosen't get interaction enough. But your posts are legit. I always look at them. Keep doing your thing.

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Thanks buddy and I will. Its just surprising bc I see this as a potential controversial topic... I guess not so much in these corridors. That is a good thing though.

Heavy stuff man. The natives were brutal as fuck but they knew what would eventually come. There was no stopping it either.

Some things are inevitable yes, but that shouldn't stop anyone from seeking justice after the inevitability. You have to try if something happens to you that disrupts your internal balance. The Native Americans went to some pretty extreme lengths to protect their way of life, and their honor.

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