Splinterlands Battles with SPARK PIXIES

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I had to head the market before making this video. It was a lot of fun once I got the card to level 5. I didn't know it was possible to get that man stuns. I am glad that they are featuring new cards in the challenge now. It gives us more of a reason to go learn how to use a new card. It shows us power that a team got from the new set of cards. I hope you take a few minutes to check out my video and think about following me on youtube or 3speak. I talk about this game the most but might start some other stuff on 3speak account

I know you liked watching that second one. Stun after stun after stun. I now fear this card for sure. Take part in the challange a try. It is fun to see all the players trying to win with the same card. We get to see a lot of different ways to use the card. Given if it is landing stuns like that should be easy to win some games. Till next time keep playing everyone. Save some DEC for Land.
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Good reading. I also think if it would really have such a high rate of stuns in many games.

Lol! That gif!
And yes! That was crazy!
Honestly, I've not seen ... any people using the Pixies at higher levels yet. I'm guessing it's simply because they are so new.
Great video!

Thanks, I thought it fit what that battled showed.