Colony Chronicles - Yamatoday.

in nextcolony •  6 months ago  (edited)

Looks like there is no stopping @zzings to get to the highest level of a Yamato and still follow closely by @powernap with his multiple behemoth upgrade strategy.

Not much action for the pre-level 13 Yamato upgraders except for @abrockman, who seems to be charging up the ranks. Maybe he had solved the resource shortfall. Did he buy some Imperium Chests? Or did he get a helping hand from his buddies? Neverthless, with his current Stardust (SD) balance, it should be able to get two or three level 20 Yamatos. Only the steem blockchain can tell. 😊😊

For most, including yours truly, will be coming to SD shortage after the next two upgrade levels. Only choices are;

  1. burn those spare planets
  2. buy those SD from 1st trance pre-sale.
  3. borrow from alliance members
  4. hope NC founders/stakers generous bounties in the next 48 hours.
  5. buy from Steem-engine market Sorry not yet available, due to technical or administrative matters.
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