Path of Exile - Metamorph League or Heart Attack League? 😱

in poecomp •  4 months ago  (edited)
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LMAO @ arrow to the kneeeeee!

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I thought it was fitting 😁 coming next, Arrow to the Eye!

(Also had a mod in Skyrim where if a guard said the little thing about adventuring and arrows to the knee, he'd get zapped by lightning) 😆

Oh my gosh, these battles sound intense! I am not a gamer but I really enjoyed reading about your wild adventures, @kaelci! I enjoyed it all vicariously. It sounds like it’s not for the faint of heart!

I should have really put a spin on it and described each battle in all of their heart-wrenching glory! Haha. Definitely not for the faint of heart, especially with the difficulty boost they threw into the game.

My poor little characters stood outside each Boss Door. Pacing back and forth, they peered in, gasped, and whipped away. Death called for them. The evil aroma swept from deep within the dark cavern and tickled the backs of their necks, both taunting and enticing them.

Their doom awaited.

It was crazy! I'm glad you were able to enjoy my torment whilst not being a gamer yourself. :D

Considering you haven't played as much as a lot of us, you did really well to hit level 33 on HC SSF! You keep getting better and next comp, you will definitely win on a character! ;)

I really liked the Ranger, too! It was fantastic. Throw four totems down, prepare a toxic rain, activate boss or treasure chest, run around like a maniac and hope you survive, haha!

Totems was a new playstyle for me, really liked it. Might try Ranger again next time, too. :D

ALSO. Level 33 Hardcore, with this insanity challenge in each and every boss room. Good grief. Tell me you had near heart attacks, too. XD !!!

I picked up an awesome bow and quiver on another character, stashed it, then when you died and ranger was up for grabs since you stopped, I went ice shot and power-leveled, well was until another went Ranger, so I did the same thing on the scion! XD

Totems I want to play with at some point. And yes I almost had a couple heart attacks but have had the practice before the competition to help me out. :D

Such a shame, always protect your knees :) You can still push with the ranger, I don't think there are high level ones in the race still.

Next time I'll try an Arrow to the Elbow. :D I'd love to keep trying, but it's definitely bed-time. :) Should've had more coffee prepared, hehe.

Good luck in the race!! 🏆

Gotta admit, its one of the most intense gaming experiences out there. Everything else feels kinda low-stakes in comparison.
Sleep well. You've earned it.
Tomorrow's a new day. Not, like for your chars tho. They dead.

Strong boxes always seem to be the downfall of so many.

I opened a few orange just to see what was up with those. Good times where surely included inside!

It was too shiny not to attempt. It was my first orange one ever, and I needed to know what was inside! Haha. Had been doing blue and yellow ones without issue all day so was overconfident. That was a big mistake! :D

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