2019.10.10 ROR 패치 노트 / Oct-10 2019 Road of Rich (ROR) Patch Note

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안녕하세요 ROR 팀입니다. 금일 패치 적용된 사항 전달해드립니다.

2019.10.10일 패치 사항

  • 옵션 창 활성화 : 음량 조절 및 전체화면 가능
  • 병원 치료 값 변경 : 기존 수치에서 1/3
  • 용병 및 던전 몬스터 스텟 표시 버그 픽스


Hello, This is Team ROR.

Oct. 10, 2019 Patch Note

  • Activate Option Icons: adjust the volume and screen size
  • Change hospital treatment costs: one-third of the original price
  • Modifying the Capability Indication of the Mercenaries and Dungeon Monsters

Thank you.

Start Road of Rich game : http://rorsteem.com
ROR Official Discord channel: https://discord.gg/vyPHGk6
ROR Official Homepage: http://roadofrich.com/
ROR Official Kakao talk channel: https://open.kakao.com/o/gHpYWMkb
Daily Report : https://steemit.com/@ror.pay

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  • 스팀 코인판 커뮤니티를 이용해주셔서 감사합니다.
  • 2019년 10월 15일부터는 스팀코인판에서 작성한 글만 SCT 토큰을 보상받을 수 있습니다
  • 스팀 코인판 이외의 곳에서 작성된 글은 SCT 보상에서 제외되니 주의 바랍니다.
  • Thanks to everyone who continues to participate in SteemCoinPan community.
  • From Oct 15, 2019, we will provide SCT rewards for postings published on SteemCoinPan.
  • You won't get SCT rewards at all if you create a posting on other Steem Dapps after Oct 15, 2019.

How do I signin RORS game?

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You can start the game using your Google Account.

Start Road of Rich game : http://rorsteem.com

Well-done. Great work @roadofrich

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@tipu curate

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Game looks quite good. But my only problem is as a new player I would like to be able to play the game a little bit. First thing i do takes 1 hour to complate. I think you should make them 5 min 10 min tasks for the new starters. Couple of clicks and i am waiting ( one hour ), nothing to do.

Please enjoy the game slowly.
ROR game is an RPG game. Various content is waiting.