Limited quantity offer! DIA Package Pre-sale Event. / Road of Rich Game Event.

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Hello, This is Team ROR.

The date of the Alpha version's opening has been set. So, we are going to hold a Pre-sale event for 'DIA', which is payment currency. Using this DIA, you can purchase various paid items that enhance the convenience of gameplay.
This event package will provide you with an additional 20% of the original payment. The paid-in DIA will be paid through the buyer's Google account when the game is opened.

Payment methodPriceDIA(1Pack)

DIA package events are 100 Packs only.(It may close early)

You can purchase the event with three types of tokens: STEEM, RORS, and SCT. We will pay you an additional 20% (+202 DIA) of the 1010 DIA. (Total 1212DIA)
Any sales revenue raised from the event will be 100% added to the rewards pool( account).

How to Join an Event

  1. Send tokens of one of STEEM, RORS, or SCT to the account.
  2. After sending, please tell us your Google account to use for gameplay in the discord chat room Liam#2946
  3. Discord channel:

Thank you.

ROR Official Discord channel:
ROR Official Homepage:
ROR Official Kakao talk channel:

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Excelent notice

Thank you.

will they be available on steem engine?

DIA is not a cryptocurrency.
It is not listed on the steem engine.
DIA is payment currency in the ROR game.

Thank you for the answer. Let me change the question will they be tradeable back in to $, because I'm more an investor than a player.

DIA is a payment currency to buy a paid-item of ROR. It can only be purchased with cryptocurrency such as STEEM, RORS, etc and cannot be re-switched.

To which account should I stake rors to get the benefits?

It doesn't matter which account it is.
Reward pools are paid to staking accounts.

What are the differences between RORS and DAI?

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DIA is payment currency in the ROR game.
RORS Token for receiving game rewards. (60%)

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