The Kingdom of Splinterlands - Weekly update

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1 Daily quest and overall position

Two days in a row had Fire Quest, which is not really my favorite one, since do feel always it is more luck to win with it, than some real strategy. Well, strategy still exist, and main one is to use less Melee attack and more Range with Lord Arianthus in front line.... Just hoping for some decent magic attack the opponent to have
Strangely, but last quest was completed just with 5wins/1 loss.


And even had nice WIN against stronger TH with a Legendary summoner


Was really in favor of few misses, but generally there is not any feeling that opponents cards are really stronger, even after all buffs of opponents Legendary Summoner were applied

Current position - 2950 rank in Diamond III


2 Daily rewards


Cards Total Value: $ 0.0.067 plus about 40DEC. But also one ORB, which is already sounds good, since at least 5 cards additionally to be drawn.
Had to buy additionally 3 Legendary Potions to have full 5+5 set fro opening and here we go


Finally something better than usual - Gold Foiled Armorsmith. Good enough. However have to admit, that even having GF, the list value of the pack is $1.15 only... But OK, today can live with it :)

3 Cards leveled up

As per practice I'm trying to chose next useful card worth to be leveled up. And doing it one by one normally (as soon as additional DEC earned or some cards being sold), unless some good offer on the Market (while always using @monstermarket receiving some decent cash back

However counting that last season rewards and basically every daily one wasn't really amazing already for quite a long time, just do not have enough DEC to proceed with any next major leveling up. So basically only few reward cards just continue to level up easy easy as soon as get them from rewards

So finally BABY UNICORN reached Level 6 to match Level 5 Life summoner and now got additional Swiftness ability.
Basically now can consider if to use it time to time, though not really the card for Daily usage with Life team IMHO


4 The Guild of NEOXIAN

Present Guild rank No.11, quite standard in the middle of a season


Guild status: Guild Hall - Maxed / Quest Lodge - 50 scrolls to Level 10

That's all so far and hope you have enjoyed!

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