Today i reach golden league I

greetings, people from @steemmonsters, @battlegames and @steem-ace

Today, I managed to reach the GoldI league.

jedis x siths.jpg

I enjoyed reaching this league now, with 6 days and 16 hours left until the end of this season, because I think I'll still make it to Diamond III.

In it, I see two advantages. When the new season starts again, I will go to league Silver I or Gold III. At silver I it is easier to get to Gold III. I don't know what it's like for you, but I find it easier to pass levels in the gold league than in the silver league. I climb faster. I think that's why my strategies are better at it.

This season I just got a good reward card, which was a gold card. All the others were "normal" cards, so I'm not posting my daily reward on quests. I'll only post when I get a very good one, at least.

Let's see if I hit the Diamond III league.

Good game everyone and until next time !!!

yoda steemmonsters.jpeg

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Congrats! I just got to Champion I! It is rough out there but fun! I am trying to keep up in the top-ish area as i want some beta packs at the end of season!!! :-)

greetings, dear and honey @clove71

you will reach this!!! I am cheer for you!!!

have a good night!

I also got a gold card from my season rewards!! :D
Not very usual, but I´m very happy about that!

very nice, man!!!

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thank you!!!!!