Sharing Reverse Speed Splinterlands Battles

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This week the Challange was to show you some battles with Reverse Speed. I like Reverse Speed as it lets you play a lot of cards that most of the time you skip due to them being just a bit slow. It also makes it hard to use fast monsters as all a sudden they miss a lot. In general all the different rule sets are what make this game so fun. I hope you check out my video. I also go over the update to the market that PayPal Is coming. Yay for that, I love it.

I hope you liked the battles I picked. As you can see the rulesets change the game a lot sometimes. I also hope you could tell that I am going shopping soon once I can buy cards with paypal. I really hope to see this game continue to grow in 2020. Let me know if you took the Challange so I can see the teams you used.
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Great video!
You're quite right: this ruleset can be confusing! I feel like I get so confused when building a team.
Thanks for sharing this!


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