Splinterlands - New Tournament Payout Structure (This is NICE!!!)

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Hey there fellow Splinterlands friends :)

I couldn't believe my eyes, when I woke up this morning. In a certain repeating time frime, Splinterlands adds new tournaments for the coming time.

But with this addition of tourneys, we received a NEW and INTERESTING payout structure.
We are finally able to receive DEC instead of STEEM.


So you might be asking yourself, why is that interesting?

Let me tell you...

I'm sure you might have noticed the recent drop in STEEM's price. I don't want to go into detail, why this might be happening, but especially in the last weeks it has been affecting the $ conversion of your tournament winnings.

Due to DEC being more stable in price than STEEM, we are now guaranteed a payout, that :

  • roughly stays the same value, if not increasing over time
  • can directly be used in the game (orbs, potions)
  • can be exchanged for steem and its' tokens on steem-engine.com
  • can be used to promote your posts when sending it to @splinterlands with your splinterlands-related post-link in the memo
All in all, this new update to the Tournaments will give us more freedom of how we want to play this game and invest the profits we generate by playing it.

If you want to participate in this very first DEC paid tourney, click this LINK.
As it is a tournament with bronze level caps, also newcomers can get some nice DEC prizes on the 29th of July.

For comparison, here are some numbers about how lucrative these tourneys have become:


As you can see, the 13th place is worth roughly 0,36$
With the new payouts, this would be ~0,50$. Nearly a 50% increase

For the 5th place you would have received roughly about 0,48$.
Now, it is 0,72$ which is exactly a 50% increase in payouts.

Beautiful news,
what do you think about it?

As usual, I will give a part of the author rewards of this post to commentators ;)

Have a great day everyone!

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I'm totally in favour of prizes being paid in DEC as there are many use cases of DEC and just like you pointed out, it promotes investing in the game. Guild will soon be released and their operations involve DEC. So, it's a smart move to slide away from steem rewards.

Exactly, with the addition of GUILDs we now have another reason why it is great to be compensated in DEC for the tourneys.

Really looking forward to the future development of this game, so hyped! :)

I also caught this for the first time today. I think its a good option, and is definitely a more stable way of earning from the game. Either way, you are able to convert one to the other through steem-engine!