The Awesome Divine Sorcerer in wonderful acting!

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I come for the first time to participate in the Share your Battle contest.

I would always like to participate, but I needed to share amazing and exciting battles, in which the proposed theme card played a decisive role or applied the ultimate blow to victory.

divinedivine .png

So I started saving daily links to the battles played by me, that I found remarkable and interesting, and when I realized that one of my cards stood out to all the others and could be acclaimed as the great hero of this fight.

So this time when I saw the Contest ad and realized that the theme was the Divine Sorcerer , I soon remembered that some time ago I had played a battle with her in this way and saved the link. And today I come here to share this with you...

Link: @dosh versus @approximate

In the Back to Basics battle rule (monsters loses all abilities), the idea of ​​using the Peaceful Giant as a tank to absorb as much damage as possible and save time is already widespread, as he has an enormous amount of hit points with an expenditure of only 5 mana.

A Giant on the front line and many ranged attack cards at the rear is almost always the best option, but preferably magic attack cards, as the magic besides ignoring the armor (except in the Weak Magic rule) can also continue to attack since the first position, while archer units do not (except in the Close Range rule).


Usually, the best cards for this type of battle are those of Earth and Water, but in this case, these splints were not available and for this reason, there was a fight of Life against Life.

In addition to the Peaceful Giant, I put a bait Chicken in front to save time absorbing damage from an enemy attack, notice that it absorbed a +3 damage from the Centaur that could have weakened my Giant a lot if he had received the blow and didn't the Chicken.


Another important detail: in some cases, it is interesting to place the bow and arrow units at the end, but as the Peacebringer has a greater amount of life, here it comes before, hoping to hold out longer in the tank position, moreover in the decisive final moments of the fight it is essential to have magic cards to not stop the attacks.

My opponent placed some other melee cards before his Giant which is also valid, note that his Creeping Ooze even managed to land a blow on my Giant, who was the first to perish, but soon afterward the Ooze was shot down by Divine Sorcerer.

At this point he seemed to be much better, as his Giant still has 11 life points, while the my is gone:


But my Divine Sorcerer performed brilliantly, killing all the opponent's cards, except the first Silvershield Bard who was killed by the Defender of Truth, with a spectacular and exciting finish in which she was on the edge of survival.

From this point, we have the Grand Finale. The Divine Sorcerer solo performance in style against three enemy cards:


The adevrsário's mistake may have been not using magic cards because his archer cards became passive when they reached the first position.

In general, Divine Sorcerer is little used because it is especially vulnerable to the Reflect Magic ability, but it cannot be missing from the Little League rule when playing with the Life splint, and in this case, it was also very effective in Back to Basics.

Another reason I love this card is that in addition to being brave, she is a very beautiful and charming creature!

Be sure to watch this epic battle again: @dosh versus @approximate

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If you still don't play, join the fun today. Sign up here :

I hope you enjoyed it and until the next notable battle!

Images: @splinterlands

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She'll absorb 3 decent hits, and only costs 3 mana; that's a great ratio.

yes, @mattclarke, enough power for a sweet creature, thanks for comment.

Epic battle, with crazy ending!! I love these games!

@madgol, Welcome! Thank you very much for reading and commenting!

Welcome to the Battle Challenge!

Your post was a great play by play. It was almost like watching it, but ... you should totally include a link to the battle so we CAN watch it. Also! Remember to include your referral link in your case you give someone FOMO and they decide to join.

Okay, about the battle... I'm not at all surprised that she was 'the last man standing'. Though I would have never guessed it a few days ago! I started this challenge for two reasons. First, cause the hubs thought she was awesome and undervalued, and second, I never really used her. Turns out... she is pretty awesome.

I keep seeing tips from @mattclarke on posts too. I love this! 😍

Thanks for sharing!

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Hi, @carrieallen. Thank you very much, I corrected and added a link and also my referral at the end of the post.

It really is a great card, in Little League I always put it in the last position, so if the opponent uses Sneak, the first attack will be wasted thanks to her ability.

See you later.

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success always!

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