The Profit Of 575 Splinterlands Booster Packs With Brilliant Potions

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This is an overview of a full 500 booster packs (+75 bonus packs) purchase for $1000 USD via the Splinterlands interface. Additionally, another 270,000 Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) have been purchased over the counter, for $304 USD, which is about 15% above market value. Otherwise this buy would have pushed up the DEC market too much, as there is little volume at the moment at the current price. The DEC was used for 6x brilliant Legendary and Alchemy potions each.

The goal is to create a playable Gold League deck, with rare level 6 Summoners and get all other relevant cards on the according levels for that (or at least get their most important upgrades). Flipping the cards and leveling up all to Gold League standard as much as possible with what we got from the boosters. The missing summoner cards to bring them all on level 6 were purchased on the market. A few other very important cards were also already added with some purchases from the market.


Gold League Standard

Gold League levels require:

  • Common: 172 cards - Level 8
  • Rare: 35 cards - Level 6
  • Epic: 23 cards - Level 5
  • Legendary: 5 cards - Level 3

Beta levels.jpg


The Cards We Got



Extra cards purchased:

  • 6 x Malric Inferno ($0.71 each)



Extra cards purchased:

  • 7 x Alric Stormbringer ($1.25 each)



Extra cards purchased:

  • 9 x Lyanna Natura ($1.12 each)
  • 15 x Flesh Golem ($0.21 each)
  • 10 x Earth Elemental ($0.54 each)



Extra cards purchased:

  • 4 x Silvershield Paladin ($0.37 each)



Extra cards purchased:

  • 3 x Cocatrice ($0.38 each)


Gold Foil Cards

Fire Gold.jpg

Water Gold.jpg

Earth Gold.jpg

Life Gold.jpg

Death Gold.jpg

Neutral Gold.PNG


Gold Foil Legendaries



Profit & Conclusion

On the screenshots below you see the total value of the booster pack opening with potions. It is somewhere between $1400 and $1670, so above the investment of $1304. A few more cards have to be purchased, which has to come out of some of the gold foil sales we have to do.



All-in-all a good pull but with to few Prince Rennyns. ;-)

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Nice recap not bad pulls at all

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Nice pull!
I know, the struggle to reach Gold League is real!
My decks currently worth around $300 and I barely managed to enter Gold League.

Cheers! 🍻

Gold legendaries at least get a couple hundred back, add in the golds to give a nice amount too. Pretty decent.

Man, congrats on doing pretty well!. I was going to buy $100 worth of ORBS and look at the profit, but I pulled out at the first $50 was so negative. Crazy to think that is just a gold level deck. Then again, my not maxed out gold level deck plays in diamond 2, you will grow quickly with reward cards and dec!

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I'm drooling over my laptop now. Nice cards.

I hope to pull at least one or two good cards out when I buy some on payday.

I miss opening some packs so I am thinking of doing the same you did before Beta packs are fully sold out!