How to win $ with Steem Monsters!

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There are several ways, let's start by talking about the game's token which is the DEC, the Dark Energy Crystals. 1000 DECs have historically been worth about $ 1.

When you win a battle, you will receive a prize amount of DECs that you can use in the following ways:

Buying more cards, buying other items in the store, or transferring them to your Steem Engine wallet, where you can sell them if you wish.

In Steem Engine until some time ago, you could also simply exchange them for @steemmonsters account upvotes, turning them into STEEM and STEEM POWER.

However, after the changes that came with the latest Hard Fork, it was decided that this mechanism would no longer make sense and now the @steemmonsters account manually selects posts that they consider to have relevant and high-quality content.

I enjoyed this change because I was never a fan of buying votes. And by the way I even had the good fortune to get their vote in my last post in English: Why should you start playing SteemMonsters? # 3

The other way to earn $ is with the cards themselves, which you can rent from Peakmonsters or sell at the Market. You can also "burn" your cards by turning them into DECs.

Playing you can get new cards every day by completing the daily quests, and also as a reward at the end of the seasons.

Receiving new cards always gives you the chance to get lucky and get valuable one, some of them can be worth hundreds of dollars like the golden Lord Ariantus, which came to be worth an incredible $ 325.

Incidentally, this is one of the advantages in my opinion, that they are quoted in dollars and not in STEEM, which slightly diminishes the effects of volatility and price changes.

To maximize your winnings you can become a tournament player and thus receive really good prizes.

If you are a good tournament player, even if you don't have all the best cards, you might consider renting some important ones and making use of them to achieve better results and profit from bigger prizes.

The last way I would like to mention is that you can earn $ by buying cards and then trying to sell them at a higher price than you paid.

This is usually done by buying a good amount of Booster Packs or Orbs and hoping for good cards.

But even buying specific cards directly in the market can be profitable, as some cards have a high appreciation trend.

Now to finish, I will say what I do myself, which is to accumulate equity, believing in the long term success of the game, I am simply holding all the cards I do not use to play.

Instead of making small profits in the short term, I'm betting on a valuation of thousands of % in the future, only then to start enjoying and making gains.

See what happened to Alpha cards, for example, that today are no longer sold on the official site; the prices just exploded!

Something that can be repeated now with the Beta coming to an end.

What has happened in the past will not always be repeated in the future, on the other hand, what has value, and has good fundamentals, tends to at least maintain its value over time.

So I decided to use this strategy; "Buy and Hold of Steem Monsters Cards"

But of course, you can try another way, and profit the same way or even more, as as we have seen there are several ways to earn $ with Steem Monsters.

Good luck and see you in the next battle!

Images: SteemMonsters & OpenClipart.

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What a sweet and nice write-up about the benefits of the game we all love and adore. Please continue to create great content like that! You have been rewarded for that with a monster upvote from the Mavericks team!


Como hago para iniciar el juego? Nunca he jugado @marianaemilia

Hi @giocondina, Start here:
You will need $ 10 for the initial card package, but don't worry, you will soon get this value back in-game, by collecting DECs or when you win a good reward card.

Excellent Work !

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Thanks a lot, all the profits from this post will be to buy cards: D

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Very Nice ! Congratulations.

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Thanks, I will follow your advice

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good work !

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