63 ORBS with Brilliant Legendary and Brilliant Alchemy (and a few Beta Packs)

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Still Buying in to Splinterlands!

After buying 100 Beta packs with both the Billiant Lengendary and Alchemy, I wanted to do some ORB's the same way and take a look at what I could hit. I didn't have enough STEEM to swing for 100 ORB's, so I did a few rounds of the 20+1 to pick up that bonus Orb. I only put down my highlights, since no one wants to look over 100 pictures!!!

I will limited the highlights to Epics or above and any Gold, cause I love Gold

First 20 +1 ORBS Highlights

Gold Foil

  • Silvershield Bard


  • Mermaid Healer x 4
  • Dwarven Wizard x2

Best Pack - Double Mermaid


Pretty good start, a little light on gold, but that 4 Mermaids and 2 Dwarven is a great start.

Second 20 ORBS + 1 Bonus

Gold Foil

  • Undead Archer
  • Armour Smith
  • Eletric Eels
  • Enchanted Defender


  • Mermaid Healer
  • Dwarven Wizard x 2


  • Minotaur Warlord
  • Corrupted Pegasus
  • Lord of Fire x2

    Well well, It looks like I broke through and nailed my first Legendary from Orbs, Getting 4 is a huge boost and will get me close to the level 3 legendary I need to make that push to Diamond 1+. A few more of the high dollar epics and lets not ignore all the Gold... 4 Gold foil, and I think I only had the Enchanted Defender in Gold before.

Overall, I got to say so far I am loving the ORB's

First Pack - First Legendary Got to love a start like that!!

Screenshot 20190908 at 8.10.38 PM  Edited.png

Double Pack Legendary!!


Third Round of 20+1

Gold Foils

  • Molten Ogre x2
  • Silvershield Bard
  • Armour Smith
  • Undead Archer
  • Eletric Eels
  • Goblin Chef


  • Dwarven Wizard


  • Minotaur Warlard x2
  • Corrupted Pegasus x2
  • Lord of FIre


OH Man I wish I had more ORBS!!!

6 Gold Foil??? Another Dwarven!!!! and 5... Yes that's right 5 Legendary!!!
This moves me to having an even 3 bcx for each Legendary. Too bad now I need switch to Beta

I Ran out of DEC and STEEM - So 37 Beta Packs for the rest!

Got to maximize the potions, don't want to use them on reward cards.

  • Gold Sabre Shark
  • Gold Feral Spirit
  • Gold Pirate Captain
  • Gold Silvershield Warrior
  • Gold Animated Corpse x2
  • Gold Grumpy Dwarf
  • Gold Twisted Jester
  • Gold Silvershield Paladin
  • Gold Crustacean King
  • Gold Eleven Cutthroat
  • Gold Lyanna Natura
  • Gold Xia Seachan

  • Lighting Dragon
  • Gold Dragon
  • Elemental Phoenix

I crushed the Gold and Legendary.


I mean, come on, 13 more Golds, 25 Gold Foil out of 500 cards.

I will have to remind myself of this when I strike out on the next round. I only need two more Bcx for the legendary, and I got a ton of Gold for my low level Gold account I am making. I think this was a great investment, and intend to do more. I would love to look at my ROI, but man, going back and tracking all 500 cards, is a bit overwhelming. Anyone know of any good scripts you can use to pull you pack opening history?

Game on!! ~Senstless~


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Nice pulls!!

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I did well, I am going to start moving things around to get a full 100 orbs with Brilliant Potions, I think it will be worth it.

Pulled a gold peak rider today. That was fun! Sent it to contestkings. It will be delegated out as a prize in the draw for a few weeks at a time.

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Congrats on that, and I look forward to the draw. You are killing it with CK. Hope it keeps growing and giving back to you soon. I think I am unfortunately capped 200 CK tokens for a while, plus if I spend all my STEEM I can't buy those gold cards when they are posted.

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200 is a good amount.

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I hope you get a card on one of those sbi deals.

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Those are some nice Orbs you got there...... Keep getting them, highly undervalued.....💯

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I agree completely. I was not convinced at first, but the more I use them, the better they get!

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Nice Job on the Legendarys and GF Cards !


I know at times I feel like I have terrible luck, but will have to come back to this post to remind myself I do get lucky.

Nice haul. Do you ever run your ROIs?

I have in the past, but without automation, I am struggling to get motivated to track 500 cards manually. I need someone smart enough to know how to query it.

Amazing investment and an amazing ROI!

I think if you got an investment group together, you could do really well. Only problem is detaching yourself from wanting to use the cards!