Full Splinterlands FOMO - I spent 1500 STEEM in a matter of few hours and still need more cards!

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Don't judge me, I am doing a fine job of that already!! I went in thinking I was just going to be upgrading my epics to level 5, then I realized I did not have all commons to match... so I went Banana's and am upgrading everything.

  • I went off script a bit. I still have a level 4 Defender of Truth, but think that is better than level 5. The plus 1 magic just kills it quicker off the reflect so I am ok.
  • I also still have a Fire Demon that is at level 5, but I could not justify the cost to upgrade for +1 Health.
  • I bought a Red Dragon level 3 on a whim... not sure if that was smart or not.
  • I have a few commons that I almost never use. See Giant Roc, Sabre Shark and Minotaur Warrior at 7 ( Well baby shark is at 6) But I almost never use them so I allocated the STEEM else where.
  • Orbs cards still need a few upgrades, but they are fine. I will get to them over time. Orbs are still here for a while I think.

My Biggest holes left are Magi Sphinx... at level 3. I is crazy money for an epic, 23 bcx at $2 a piece...
Fiendish Harpy - I don't have any yet, and it seems to be very, very useful. and the legendary summoner. I only have death to level 3. The rest need work.

Sorry for the quick post but between super busy work, and a mad buying frenzy as the STEEM price plummets towards nothing, I don't have time for a real proper post tonight. Now I am on to stacking to STEEM and saving for the new cards. I will take my time with the new cards. Not all of them will be useful, I hope to still use many of my beta and only really focus on the ones that game changers to how I play.

Go take a look at my team and tell me what I missed.
https://monsters.steempeak.com/@senstless/collection, I hope to be hitting Diamond 1 easier this this season. I have heard of someone hitting Champ with a level like mine, but I have no idea how!

STEEM on and on as we ride this price all the way down!!!
All a Board!!

Game on!! ~Senstless~


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Although not a player myself it warms my heart to see someone having fun collecting on the blockchain. My HODLing in cryptos and in numismatics makes me a kindred spirit. 👍😎

My crypto.holdings and silver/numismatic have taken a big back seat for the year. I "think" I can slow down now and get back stacking more physical items

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I like your MOXY, Good on you with the upgrades @senstless

Thanks man, I have already noticed a huge difference. The plus one health and speed do make a huge difference in the game. I didn't think they would be that different, but not I was wrong.

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Yeah im getting close to fomo on beta booster packs and trying not too. The game is doing really well for such a bad bear market.

Yup, FOMO is real, we are now under 70k packs. That is pretty light really
I assume there will be some.big buys of people looking to hold and sell on steem-engine.

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Woow, some big investments. Indeed that mushroom is very expensive!
Too bad I can't access peakmonsters from work. Will take a look at your collection this evening!
Good luck with trying to knock open the door to Diamond I.
I am aiming on Diamond III and secretly hoping on Diamond II. We will know after 5 more days!


I went big, but boy can I tell a massive difference already. I am halfway through diamond 2, moving towards 1. If I quit forcing the daily in would be there already. I think its worth it. As I go higher I am earning more DEC. Getting easier.to save for upgrades

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I do always find it hard, to make the decision to invest. And if that one is taken to invest in which cards.
Giving me always a headache!


for @senstless


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