Win 2 Steem Basic Income Share /Beta Animated Corpse 1 Palcoin - No Upvote/ No Follow/ No Resteem !! #68 Guess the Price of Silver -

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Giving away 2 shares of SBI or Steem Basic Income to the winner and SM cards

Why - because I like SBI, and I am banking on buying SBI at this price might just be an epic payoff.

I want to give a bit more on these posts, so I will give 2nd place a SM card mentioned below and 3rd place will be some Tokens off Steem-Engine

How to Enter?

Since I am a proud member of #SSG, pick the ending price of Silver as listed by Kitco here, for October 3rd! This will take out the the number generation out of my control. If two pick the same price, Prize goes to the first person to pick, so double check the entries!!

Entries must be posted on10/02/2019

  • First Place is 2 Share SBI
  • Second Place is Beta Animated Corpse
  • Third is 1 PALcoin

Do you love Silver or Gold?

Please stop over to #steemsilvergold and check us out. We are a great community of like minded folks who enjoy buying precious metals and sharing our finds, our hand poured bullion and all things silver and gold.


Stack on!! ~Senstless~


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