OHHHHH YES SWEET BABY JESUS........ The Maxed out Archmage Arius Legendary.....steemCreated with Sketch.

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Still in shock and awe....... I normally get my potion in the night and for some reason I didn't notice last night was my last mystery potion and didn't re-up, so this morning I did but didn't think that I was going to get the reward tonight but there it was and when I saw the back side of the Orb card, I knew it was the infamous maxed legendary Archmage Arius, as it was shacking I was in utter amazement..... Still cant believe I got em.... This is one of the reason's @steemmonsters is so dang addicting... Just to wonder were we will be at next year with all the new cards.... Buckle up and get on the ride Fam, its gonna be Diamond III bumpy but we gonna get thru it....... Had to make a post about it on our Blockchain, this is why we Steem..................

Thanks for taking a look at my post, have a blessed evening or day wherever you may be fam.......

Rare Legendary.jpg

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1xNeoxian Banner.png

Also I am and will always be a proud member and founder @dosdudes with @dkid14 but I just want to keep giving more back to this community that I have grown to love.

On that note, thank you all that have continually supported @shoemanchu I am so blessed to be here and appreciate all the love the family has shown me.....

Strive for the Best

God Bless....

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Shout out to @philippekiene with the Awesome @neoxian GIF and if you haven't joined the tribe here is the Discord link

Thank me later because this City will be the biggest.....

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Crazy. Congrats!!

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Thanks brother

So you won it maxed out @shoemanchu? I've never tried the mystery potion how do you receive the prize?

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Yes that's the way it comes is maxed and you can only get it from doing the mystery potion. I think only 90 will be made also. A few on the market for around $400 usd but that's to rich for my blood. Lol

Cool. 👍

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Wow Congratulations! That's an incredible card!

Thanks, can't wait to play it.....

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@shoemanchu I am very Happy For You. I Know my turn is Coming.............

I hope you land one tomorrow. They come every 2 days I believe.

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Yes yes yes, your turn is coming....... Thanks


Thanks mightypanda.....


Thank you....

🤨So lucky! I'm jealous! Congratulations!🤪

I totally agree extremely lucky to pull this... Thank you

Oh man, congratulations!
The card everyone is chasing... Nice work.

Thanks, yeah Neoxian just bought one for 2300 Steem today......

Damn....That's tempting, but if I had one... I don't know if I could part with it.

Yeah whats crazy is I put mine up right before he bought for a little less but I took it off right before he bought the other one. Lol

dodged a bullet there!

That’s awesome man, I don’t make the DEC to spend on pots but good to know eventually you do at higher levels lol