Splinterlands Card Review Untamed Dragons Part 2

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Today I am going to finish off the Dragon cards. Then it is on to the neutral monsters. I have been having fun working on these reviews and glad a lot of you like them. I also still will give away 500 DEC to someone that gives some feedback on the post. I am also thinking about another idea post for Splinterlands. I hope I can get something that people like. Let's check out the rest of the new Dragon cards.


20200124 20_09_09Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Dragon Jumper is one of my favorites. I only have him at level 1 and still, he is a powerful card. Like most Dragon cards you have to be in a high mana match to use him. But then look at that up to 5 attack with opportunity. This means that he will kill a lot of guys on his attack. He flys so he is hard to hit and has high hit points. Snare is a cool skill to use in earthquake and dragon is really good for that game mode. Then he gets Stun. Stun is very strong on someone with his speed. He is going to hit early and hit hard on the guy with the lowest life and if he doesn't kill it then it won't fly anymore if it was and might be stunned. This is a card that will cost more and more over time.


20200124 20_09_31Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

The Vigilator is a cool card for high mana matches. With both ranged and melee attack with double strike, he is powerful in any game mode that allows him to attack from the back row. He is also cool it melee only as one of the few cards that can attack from the back row that doesn't have sneak. Add on to that thorns and poison and wow. I mean 4 attacks a turn with a shot to get poison. Given that is only when he can do both attacks which is a little rare. His high cost and other options on the dragon team might make him get underplayed a little. But when he is on the board he is going to be a strong card.


20200124 20_10_17Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Camila Sungazer is the new legendary summoner for the team. I don't see her taking Selena's spot but she is a lot cheaper right now. Also, you only need to get 11 so it is doable to max her out. She will get used by a lot of the new players as being 3 cost lets you use dragons in more games. Also, the minus melee attack isn't bad. It isn't the best but can work well. It is always good to have a three cost dragon summoner so don't expect his card to stay cheap.


20200124 20_10_03Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Diamond Dragon lives up to the name for sure. Being only the second card to get last stand. He also has slow and that is a nice thing to have on a 10 cost card. It might not seem like it but in a 99 mana match or a high 30s match do you want to use a 2 or 3 cost card for slow? No way right too weak of a card but now dragon can play Diamond and Black and double slow you with powerful dragons. This is going to make the dragons even stronger in the high mana matches. Cleanse as I have said in the past is a little weak. When it works it can be helpful for sure and might be better on a card like this that should live for a while. I want one of these cards and for sure will be buying at least 6 when pay pal goes live. I might even max him out for that last magic damage. 10 armor and 7 life are really good. We are getting more and more cards for some epic high mana battles.

SM Devider.png

So the dragons got a lot of love after all. Some of it came from airdrop cards but I went ahead and reviewed them as part of the set. Dragons are really strong. They might even be too strong. For sure the low mana matches are bad for them. Yet anything over 25 and look out for them to be there to kill you. I think I get got an idea for another kind of post. Would you like to see them recap teams and how I think they should be used? Let me know and I will see who read the whole post.

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Snare is a cool skill to use in earthquake

thanks, was wondering about this

Thanks for working up this series of !monster posts @stever82. These dragons are indeed beastly.

Maybe your next piece can be 'how to beat the Level 4 Flesh Golem lineup' for each splinter? Either way, keep up the good content. Thanks.


Yes, I would like to see your ideas about using dragons in a team, but not only using dragons. Why don't you write a series explaining your thoughts when composing a team for an especific battle and taking consideration of the opponents last five battles?

Okay I see what you're saying and will work on that

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Thank you a lot for the support.

Great !monster content, as always @stever82. I like the ideas of @ronaldoavelino and @drjpooch about sharing some team building strategies, for certain rulesets or splinters or both. Thanks for creating good content. :)


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I only have chance to meet those dragons on the battle field.. it never shows up in any untamed packs I open.. nice review, for now.. I stick with Daria only for the gloridax revenge quest

I hope that changes soon for you.

i still haven't got the hand of dragons yet. These posts are useful. Thanks. Not that I have many anyway.

Ya it will take time to get these cards for sure.

I have to get the Dragon Jumper for my collection. I am sure it is fun to play. And a max Vigilator...