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Greetings everyone , I hope everyone enjoying sunday . Today i am come up with my another highlight post , So today the my quest was FIRE splinter quest but i changed it and luckily got WATER splinter quest . Why i am saying luckily ?? because after this mermaid promo card release water splinter quest become so easy to complete . So i will rate water splinter over fire splinter .

And yeah today my luck was shined that's why i goes to DIAMOND II from GOLD I with in less than a hours . But the quest rewards was not so good 10 common cards from quest reward . from Mystery reward got orb pack Let's see those ..

Screenshot_2019-08-11 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (3).png
Screenshot_2019-08-11 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (2).png

Screenshot_2019-08-11 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (1).png
Screenshot_2019-08-11 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (4).png


Congratulation @salvao to be the Champion !!

1@salvao200 NEOXAG POWER
2@narya100 NEOXAG POWER
3@adrian1150 NEOXAG POWER
4@planosdeunacasa50 NEOXAG POWER
5@pacolimited30 NEOXAG POWER
6@niallon1130 NEOXAG POWER
7@steamdan30 NEOXAG POWER
8@criptoanarquista30 NEOXAG POWER
9@tailcock20 NEOXAG POWER
10@philippekiene20 NEOXAG POWER
11@digital-wisdom20 NEOXAG POWER
12@monsterstamer20 NEOXAG POWER
13@pardinus20 NEOXAG POWER
14@foxm20 NEOXAG POWER
15@itharagaian20 NEOXAG POWER
16@htliao20 NEOXAG POWER
17@longdarigo10 NEOXAG POWER
18@voxmortis10 NEOXAG POWER
19@mastergerund10 NEOXAG POWER
20@foxconnmars10 NEOXAG POWER
21@byzantinist10 NEOXAG POWER
22@byzantinekitty10 NEOXAG POWER
23@oligel10 NEOXAG POWER
24@mumma-monza10 NEOXAG POWER
25@viral-violet10 NEOXAG POWER
26@lunaticpandora10 NEOXAG POWER
27@comegetsome10 NEOXAG POWER
28@shellylopez10 NEOXAG POWER
29@paraguana10 NEOXAG POWER
30@anosys10 NEOXAG POWER
31@mellofello10 NEOXAG POWER

All rewards has been send out . Another good news is NEOXAG now supported token for Splinterlands Tournaments . So, maybe in future we will ask NEOXAG as entry fee , the price of the token still low buy now or you can earn that token by using #neoxian tag on your post . The rewards has been send as dekats so when you upvote a post which has #neoxian tag that post will get some NEOXAG reward from your upvote , so suggest your friends to use #neoxian tag also you can use too. #neoxian tag is can be use for general purpose , You can use it on any kind of topic post just like #pal .

For more details Join our imageedit_25_4507760003.gifDiscord Channel


Yeah it's time to talk about our amazingly amazing guild . Our guild hall level right now 7 , we are need to 300k DEC contribute more to level up to level 8 & our quest lodge level now 4 , so we are getting 4% DEC bonus on every ranked game win and 2% discount on every shop buy . We need to complete 127 more tseuq to level up to level 5 ,So that's require active players . We just booted 2 inactive players from our guild . So , if you want to be part of our guild you can send request to guild . Requirements is pretty simple you have to be active and need to contribute to guild hall regularly .



Let's talk about DEC(a.k.a Dark Energy Crystal) Token.

  • What is DEC ?

Dark Energy Crystals are the in-game currency token for Steem Monsters. Earn them through gameplay or by sacrificing unworthy cards in your collection, and then use them to buy all sorts of great items in the shop!

Yeah let's talk about one of my fav se token DEC , So recently DEC price on steem goes up . Because few days ago @sm-usd bought a large amount of DEC , if you notice then you will see all official hosted tournaments prize now DEC , so no more liquid steem prize at this moment . DEC currently trading around 0.00522 STEEM/DEC , Yesterday Price was 0.005249 STEEM/DEC . 24h Volume is : 8,225 STEEM / $1,609.08 which is pretty solid amount . So as i mentioned about @sm-usd buy , they bought at 0.006 STEEM/DEC , so yeah that price tempted me and that's why i sold total 285K DEC . I burned almost all of my Seed Common gold foil summoner and also bought some to burn . Now i am going to rebuy DEC , so i am waiting for a good price to buy some DEC and put those on my bag .


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If you have not joined the fun yet, now would be the perfect time to do so - If you sign up to the game via my ref link by clicking on the banner below, I will send you 30 cards to boost your deck immediately for free - no disadvantages for you at all!




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All information, stats, Image collected from Steemmonsters.com & @steemmonsters blog

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You wrote staked backward as dekats

Is that the winning weird word?

BINGO @mastergerund !! You just looted 100 DEC from Hidden treasure. Thanks Dec Has Been Given .


#spt #neoxian #battle #palnet #steemleo #steemace

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tseuq is the weird word I found this time ...

had to be quest I assume :)

  ·  3 days ago (edited)

BINGO @anouk.nox !! You just looted 100 DEC from Hidden treasure. Thanks Dec Has Been Given .


#spt #neoxian #battle #palnet #steemleo #steemace

Thank you :)

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Thanks for mentioning me, really appreciate it :)
Also congrats to all the winners!

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