Steem Monsters: How Long to Achieve the Maximum Quest Lodge?

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Recently, @j6969 asked how long it would take for a guild of 30 players to reach the maximum Level 10 Quest Lodge. I thought it was an interesting challenge to calculate.

We can see from this table how many quests are required to reach each Quest Lodge level:

Quests Required.jpg

“Quests Needed” is the amount of additional quests needed to reach the next level. It is NOT the total number of quests that are needed. If you add those numbers up you will see:

Quest Lodge 1.jpg

As you can see, it takes a total of 2105 daily quest scrolls in order to reach Level 10.

Using a simplistic calculation, with 30 players completing one daily quest each day, that would take 2105 / 30 = 70.1667 days.

Unfortunately, things aren’t quite so simple. At the end of every season, every guild loses a portion of their total scrolls. As I demonstrated in:

At the end of every season each guild loses 10% (rounded up) of their current scroll total.

For the sake of simplicity, we will assume that each season lasts for 2 weeks (14 days). I once asked @aggroed about this and the official length of each season is 14 days +/- 1 day. The variance gives them flexibility to accommodate different time zones and it lets @yabapmatt have a buffer in case he needs to make any development tweaks.

If we factor in this season end adjustment we get:

Quest Lodge 2.jpg

So we see it will take almost 14 weeks (96 days) to reach 2105 scrolls if we lose 10% every season.

Now there is one further tweak that we can do. Previously, we simplified the situation by assuming each guild member would complete 1 daily quest every day. In reality, daily quests are separated by 27,600 blocks, which is usually about 23 hours instead of 24 hours. As a result, every 24 days, each guild member can essentially get an extra daily quest done. Let’s make this adjustment (we’ll add it right before the end of that season):

Quest Lodge 3.jpg

This time it takes us almost 12 weeks (82 days) to reach the maximum Quest Lodge.

One final note. There have been several instances where guilds reached the maximum number of scrolls allowed for their Quest Lodge level. In those cases, the system seems to stop recording their quest scroll contributions until they upgrade their main Guild Hall building. That also seems to imply that once you reach the maximum Quest Lodge Level of 10 with 2105 quest scrolls the system will probably stop logging any more that you do. Since you then lose 10% (210 scrolls) at the end of the season, it seems like the first week of every season will be trying to reclaim that Level 10 status. Ideally, it would be nice if the system would continue to log quest scrolls you complete past 2105 so you can build a bit of a buffer rather than have to go through this Sisyphean process every season.

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I raised a similar question with the level 10 season drop.

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Thx for those info's

Very interesting, thanks!