Steem Monsters: The Reduction of Quest Scrolls at the End of a Season

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When Steem Monster guilds were first introduced in:

it was noted that:

At the end of each ranked play season the total number of scrolls contributed to the quest lodge will be reduced for all guilds, similar to how player ratings are reduced. This makes it such that guild members must continually be active and completing quests in order to maintain the same building level and benefits.

Now that we have experienced the end of a season we know how this mechanic works. I took the time to look through each Guild and note how many quest scrolls it lost:

Quest Scroll Reset 1.jpg

Here is the data sorted in decreasing order of total quest scrolls:

Quest Scroll Reset 2.jpg

The rule of thumb seems to be a 10% reduction of quest scrolls. More precisely, the formula appears to be:

Where X = Total number of quest scrolls at the end of a season
Loss = X / 10 (rounding any fractions up)

Some observations:

  1. It is possible for guilds to lose a Quest Lodge level after the end of the season. In fact, several guilds experienced that loss.

  2. I was surprised by the number of guilds who had exactly the amount needed to reach a Quest Lodge level. Two guilds had exactly the threshold for a Level 4 Quest Lodge, five guilds had exactly the amount needed for a Level 3 Quest Lodge, eleven guilds precisely met the requirements for a Level 2, and nine guilds had the minimum for a Level 1. In all these cases, those guilds lost a level after the reduction at the end of the season.

  3. Since it takes 2105 total quest scrolls to get to the maximum Level 10, we can extrapolate that you would be losing 211 quest scrolls each season. With 30 members, that’s 7 quest scrolls lost per member, which is about half the season. So to maintain a maximum Quest Lodge, everyone will need to complete their daily quest at least once every other day.

  4. It is unknown whether you can continue to stockpile quest scrolls past 2105 or if that is the cap. We can see from the Immortal Gods guild (the first and only guild so far to upgrade their Guild Hall to Level 10) that the system does not track the guild’s DEC total past 2,710,000.

  5. If a guild wanted to optimize their quest scroll accumulation, then there might be occasions where you would delay completing your daily quest until after the end of the season reduction. You could calculate whether or not completing your quest would also increase the total amount that would be lost (thus nullifying your contribution). While this benefits the guild, this does come at a personal cost since if you waited, you would complete the quest after your rating is reset so you would end up with fewer reward cards. As a result, I don’t anticipate this being abused.

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Apologies for the poor image resolution of the chart data. The data is in Excel. I had to copy it as a picture and then paste it into Paint.NET to save it as an image so that I could upload it. I also tried pasting it into normal Paint but it kept cutting off the bottom half of the data. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can convert the Excel data into an image with better resolution, I would be happy to update the images.

Wow, Well explained. keep up the good Work. :)

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