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Around two months ago we have launched the web version of our Discord Splinterlands market bot. It was a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) at that time. Over the last two months, it has received many updates. Splinterlands did an awesome release of Untamed edition cards. So, the website needed to be updated with new tools and tweaks.


Yes, we have rebranded MonstersMarket ( to ( We did this based on users feedback, they loved this name. We wanted to get the dot COM domain, but neither dot COM nor NET was available. So, the dot IO seemed to be the best option and we did it.


Automated cashback

We were doing cashbacks when we started but was only limited to STEEM and SBD purchase. Later Splinterlands started accepted DEC as payment. But DEC has a significant difference, unlike STEEM/SBD, DEC purchases are handled by Splinterlands itself. DEC purchases using our market are also hard to track as we are not handling it. So, we were doing manual cashbacks for DEC, which was time consuming and users felt inconvenient DMing me on Discord for cashbacks.

The good news is we were able to make DEC purchase cashbacks automated too. Our users were receiving automated cashbacks since last week.


Screenshot taken from

DEC cashbacks are same as STEEM and SBD. 3% for cards purchase, and 2% for packs purchase.

Individual Card Page

Have you ever wanted to share your cards with someone else? May be for showing them or have them buy the card, or may be in a giveaway. Your best option was to tell them the UID of the card or a screenshot. But from today you can give them a direct link to any of your card.



If the card is for sell, they visitors will get buy buttons. If its delegated they will see who it is delegated too or the card was burned or combined visitors will see that.

So, have fun sharing your cards with friends and family. :)

Added Stats Tab

With the release on Untamed edition cards and new reward cards we have seen a lot of new abilities and new cards design. The cards design and abilities are awesome. So, we have added a STATS tab on every cards on the market with abilities in different levels and what the abilities are. Also added stats and abilities on card images.


Showing abilities of the new Dragon Jumper legendary card

Tools Update

We have two tools in the website- Splinterlands Deck Cost Estimator and Packs Opening Analyzer. Both tools have received significant updates and support the Untamed edition and new reward cards.

Cost Estimator new has filters to exclude legendary summoners and 2 mana summoners. We are working on adding more filters.

Packs Opening Analyzer now shows burn value of all opened cards and a nice sort-able table. You can use the table in your Steem posts too (I'll post a tutorial soon). We are also working on exporting the data too.

Faster Website

We have spent some time improving the speed of the website. As we are constantly updating the website it has become a regular task for us. We love it when our users feel the website loads faster.

Why use

We are sharing 60% and 40% of our revenue from the cards and packs purchases with the users respectively. All cashbacks are instant. You don't have to wait or purchase a set amount to get better cashbacks.

If you have any suggestion or there is a problem please reach out to us in Discord.

All card images and icons shown are property of Splinterlands

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Awesome, congrats on the re-brand! Some great tools, improved layout, and cash back on purchases! 🔥

Yes!!! Glad that you liked it. 😁

This is so cool. I am big fan of Peakmonsters but your market looks actually a bit more modern. What I would love to see is a filter search for abilities and then get links to the cards with those abilities on the market.


Thank for your feedback. I am very glad to say that these are already in the works, specially the search using abilities. 😁

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/3 - need recharge?)

Nice, great update! Are you planning to add rental markets as well?

Thanks. We have a growth plan for the project. Rental market is on the list but probably not right away. :)

I have not Used the site yet but it is interesting to see the improvement....
If I purchase the packs they will be eligible for airdrops? For untamed packs.

Hey, yes, you'll be eligible for airdrops. Its almost same as buying from but using us as market.

Packs and card purchase has discount right?
Cab you please provide the number or percentage for discount.

Cards purchase has 3% and packs have 2% automate cashback. Packs purchase will display estimated discount for your purchase.

So basically we are sharing 60% and 40% from our revenue.

I checked the link and I can see the pack purchase option but not able to find the individual card purchase option?

On the home page there are cards listed. When you click on the cards, a popup will open with the list of available cards to buy. Click on the plus icon to add to cart. Close the popup and on top left will be your cart with 3 buttons to pay. One for STEEM, SBD, and DEC each.

Use the filters on the left to find the card you want.

To buy with DEC you need to login using keychain. If you don't have keychain, the site will redirect to steemconnect for payment.

We are trying to publish some video tutorials asap.


  ·  6 months ago (edited)

I love this site and the discord channel. Been using it now as primary way of looking at buying. A couple of questions?

Is there a way to sell card via Any advantage in doing so? lower commission cost when selling?

Thank you for the site!

Hey, thanks for using the market. I hope you are enjoying the cashbacks.

Right now we are market only, no user collection yet, so no way to sell using the website. By default Splinterlands market fee is 5%, using which we can do cashbacks, so if we launch the user collection part, we might keep it at 5%.