SteemQuest Beta: At sea (part 1)

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Welcome! to SteemQuest a RPG based board game

[New Players]
SteemQuest is an ongoing and growing RPG world here on Steem. New players are always welcome. Players can come and go as they desire, just let us know when you are leaving (say you are taking an IRL 2 week vacation) we will make sure your character is somewhere safe until you return (or Thunk may just cover you with leaves on the side of the road)

If you are New and want to join just reply to any active post with a character. I will create you a character card and add you

Here are the current rules:

Here is the link to the character cards showing all your bright and shiny stuff:

Here is the link to the monster cards:

Welcome everyone. Our current party is:

@sidekickmatt - Character Quaid
@wren1221 - Character Thunk
@darklands - Character Grim
@basilmarples - Character Gylfi 'IronDog' Glimbjorn
@agr8buzz - Character Zur
@sarez - Character Khan

I will be posting a new turn every 48 hours to give players time to interact

There are 2 more decks
Cannon deck

bottom deck

Story update banner.png

Our party has decided to board a ship “given to them by
Lord DarkCloak’ to investigate the Frogmen black market trade.

One Knight is with them to help crew the vessel.

New Item: Cannon - this takes 2 members 4 actions each to fire. 1 to Load: STR 6 1: to fire or 1 party member 8 actions (2 turns)
It is treated like a fireball attack when fired

Ship: one crew member must be assigned to man the helm. They have to make a Mind check every post to see if they stay on course.

role playing.png

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I'll take the first duty on the crow's nest- to see what's coming

OOC: you should search the crow’s nest with the search bot

Climbing to the crow's nest and @searchbot

You search the surrounding area and you find coin bag x5

TESTING @searchbot to make sure it is not stuck on coin bag x5

You search the surrounding area and you find holy water

so its working properly. Guess the pirates left a lot of coin bags on the ship :)

Once we are underway I'll take a minute to search the upper deck near the aft. Don't want to wander too far from the helm. @searchbot

You search the surrounding area and you find mixing bowl

Thunk, “Who’s gonna drive this thing? I can’t find the reins.”

I summon a chest to appear on the ship deck. It says "OPEN by Zur only !"

This was left on the docks

As Zur walks by the Chest says.....”Zzzuuurrr, open me”
Zur heads down and the chest frowns.

Zur does a 180 .."wait what!,..Did this chest just call my name?" Zur reaches down and opens the chest. In the back of his mind he recalls his mother telling him never to accept candy from starngers... @chestbot

You slowly open the chest and discover Piercing Arrows x2

"Zur, I'll trade you those 2 arrows for the block of Cheese I found on the dock."

Quaid will take the helm (unless someone else has a Mind of 3 or higher--like maybe that knight).
"Everyone find a comfortable bunk down below. But let's also search through the lower decks and make sure we don't have any stowaways... Or unwanted hidden treasure."
"Thunk, you think you're strong enough to load a cannon?"

take the helm its a good ide. am go down below and do a bit hide and seek

Thunk joins Grim in heading down to level 2. “Wait for me Not Omar. Last one down is a red headed gnome!” Thunk runs toward the nearest exit to below picking up Grim and letting his legs flail wildly before setting him down behind him.

You may want to search the upper deck

The Knight goes to the cannon decks to inventory ammo and @searchbot for anything useful

You search the surrounding area and you find coin bag x5

Thunk takes a strong...pun intended... interest in the 12 cannons on the second level finding cannon balls next to the cannons. Even though Thunk’s momma didn’t visit the Whet Stone as often as Quaid’s momma, Thunk is still sharp enough to figure out the round ball goes into the round hole. Thunk loads all 12 cannons before heading down to the lower level.

Amount of ammo left @rolld20

Shake shake shake, you roll the 20-sided die.

You rolled a 10.

After loading all the cannons Thunk searches around for any other useful objects @searchbot

You search the surrounding area and you find holy water

it sems to be under control, a will go down to the lover deck and have see whats down there. if am not mistaken its crate of potatoes and a few other vegetables.
a will pick a few up and try and make a stew. while am down here a see if its any
Occ: do a have the fish?

Yes you have the fish 🐟
It looks like you can get set up a galley (kitchen) down here

OOC: you should search

You search the surrounding area and you find coin bag x5

gold..start working on setting up a galley. taking the fish and a few vegetables a find in the crates making a fish stew. see if a can do it today. @rolled20

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Zur heads down below to search the lower deck for anything useful @searchbot

You search the surrounding area and you find unidentified tooth

You walked by the chest you still have to open.
The party was all give. Chests to open for saving the docks.
You can use chestbot to open it

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